To fulfill this commission the "Bazuin te Sion" was established in 1990 in the Netherlands. The purpose is to spread Spirit of Prophecy books and books on Daniel and Revelation, the Sabbath and the Sanctuary etc. in all the major languages of the world.


A special fund was created for the publishing of SOP books in local langeages. This is the William Carey Bookfund. William Carey was an ordinary English cobbler who became a self taught scholar of Hebrew and Greek. He went to India in 1793. He had a vision that every language should serve the Lord. By the end of his life he had translated and printed the New Testament in 35 laguages and also portions of the Old and New Testament in a number of languages.


William Carey lived by two urgings, they were plain, practical words:

"Expect great things from God. Attempt great things for God".


The William Carey Bookfund ( WCB ) works as follows:

1. A book is translated by a Section or Conference, the costs are covered by WCB.

2. A reading committee edits and corrects the work.

3. The first edition of the book is printed by WCB.

4. Every church receives free copies for the library, so that those who cannot buy the books are still able to read the book.

5. The WCB recieves gifts and donations in order to finance the translation and printing of books.


1. The work of the William Carey Bookfund

 We take our commissions from Revelation 14: 6, 7 and Daniel 7: 13, 14. Here we are told that the message should go to all languages. Languages, in spoken and written form is a most powerful tool to bring souls to Christ. We as Seventh-day Adventists have a part in the fulfillment of prophecy. We are duty-bound to have Spirit of Prophecy books, books on Daniel and Revelation, the Sabbath and the Sanctuary printed in all major languages of the world. To this end the William Carey Bookfund was established.


2. The Sanctuary in Heaven and in the Heart

We take our commission from Revelation 11: 1, 2. The Sanctuary is the very centre of our faith and we are told to study this particular subject. The book "The Sanctuary in Heaven and in the Heart" presents a very comprehensive study on all aspects of the sanctuary. This book will be available on dvd and can also be studied on our website.



In 1994 The William Carey Bookfund, in close cooperation with church leadership started publishing books in the state Misoram, India. From this small beginning the work has grown. At this time we have printed 170 titles in 35 languages in India. All these languages have at least "Steps to Christ". We have also published 5 books in Birma, 2 in Thailand, 2 in Vietnam, 2 in Nepal, and 1 in Cambodja.



The William Carey Bookfund started the work of translation in Kenya in 2009. Luo is the mother tongue spoken by about 13% of the Kenya. ( 3 million people ). This makes it roughly the third most popular tribal dialect in Kenya. Luo is also spoken in Tanzania. More than 5,5 milion people speak this language. We have published 2 books in the Luo language. Several books have been translated and are in the process of editing.





The William Carey Bookfund has published Steps to Christ in the Berber language. Berber is spoken in Morocco and in Algeria by millions. At this time Christ Object lessons is being translated. The books are also also broadcast through Advent World Radio in Spain. Many Berber are illiterate, so the radio program is a mighty instrument to spread the good news among this language group.





The William Carey Bookfund has published Steps to Christ in the Oromo language in 2013. Oromo is spoken in Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia by 25 million people. At this time Counsels to the church is ready for printing and 5 other books have been translated but still need to be edited.